Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SermonCentral.com, Logos Software, and a Road Trip

Lots happening lately...so much that I'm falling behind on this season of Lost.

First, I started using Logos Bible Software more seriously this week as I've migrated to a MacBook and stopped using my previous Bible software program. An amazing little thing in Logos is that every verse search links to a database of sermons in SermonCentral.com.

SermonCentral.com is basically Wikipedia for pastors. Pastors can add sermon notes, manuscripts, illustrations, drama scripts, and other resources for others seeking help in sermon planning (They also have a Bible study version at BibleMaster.com.). I added an old sermon I did in Terre Haute, IN in 2006 to see what would happen.

24 hours later I searched for Ephesians 6:12 in Logos. First sermon? "Supernatural Encounters" by Dillon Burroughs. Technology is great! (Now if someone would leave a positive comment. That would be so Amazon-like!).

I added two more sermon outlines today, with one audio message on the way. We'll see what happens.

In other news, starting this weekend my family and I will be on the road for a long-overdue trip to see family in Indiana and Illinois. Along the way, you can catch me at:

-Darlena's Holiday and Gift Shoppe Rockport, IN Sat. Mar. 14th from 11-12:30 local time for a book signing. This is my mom's store, so come by and buy something. Free book to the first 100 customers.

-First Baptist, N. Terre Haute, IN Sun. Mar. 15th 10:30am. I'm not speaking, but will be there to catch up with friends and family. If you're in or near Terre Haute this weekend, stop by and say hi.

-Christian Book Expo, Dallas, TX, Dallas Convention Center, Fri-Sun, Mar. 20-22nd. Over 200 authors will be there to sign and hang out. If you're in Dallas, find out more at ecpa.org.

Thanks for the prayers and support. Hope to see a lot of you on the road! (And if not, let me know how you're doing on Facebook or Twitter.)

Next time...

...my other new kid.

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