Monday, March 2, 2009

3.5 Random Things about Me

I read an article last week that suggested Facebook's "25 Random Things about Me" is the first truly viral movement of 2009. I'm all for cutting edge ideas, but 25 random things about my Facebook friends? At 1,300+ friends, that would equal over 32,500 random things to read.

So here's my simple request. I love you, but I would really rather read about 3.5 random things from each of my friends.

Here's my me start the micro-movement of "3.5 Random Things about Me."

1. My first name is not Dillon; it's really Christopher. Full name: Christopher Dillon Burroughs.

2. I was once interviewed as a possible participant for "I Survived a Japanese Game Show."

3. I own and have watched all three High School Musical DVD's, including many of the bonus features. This means I really love my kids. I think they're FABULOUS.

.5 I have eaten a live earthworm.

And if you start a "3.5 Random Things about Me" group on Facebook, I'll be the first to join.

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