Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The 1,000-Mile Tour

Last weekend, my family and I became temporary rockstars. Our little minivan with a quarter-million miles on it (affectionately named the Millennium Falcon) took off for my brother-in-law Doug's wedding in Indianapolis loaded with my wife, three kids, and enough luggage to clothe a small village.

Despite potty breaks, Starbucks stops, and McDonald's playgrounds, we made the seven hour trip in only eight and a half hours, a new three-kid record. We saw all of my wife's family (minus Marla, Cata, and new baby Evan), ate at BD's Mongolian BBQ, shopped at a toystore, and watched Doug and Courtney say "I do."

I wouldn't trade it for the world. Every road trip, my family and I both bond and argue. Relationships are like that. We argue, we laugh, and we share life together. Plus we now have Aunt Courtney, a great addition to the fam.

On the trip back, we even enjoyed an impromptu lunch at Chick-fil-a with my mom, my sister Tiffany, and her two girls in Evansville. We ate waffle fries, slid down the tube slide, and changed diapers together. It's still hard to believe I'm Uncle Dillon.

So it wasn't really a rockstar tour. More of a gratitude tour. As the miles passed by through Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, I praised God for my wife and kids, my family now living across the country, and a blessed life. Despite a global recession and increasing gray hair, God is good.

"Live life to its fullest, whether you're a rockstar or not." -John 10:10, New Dillon Translation

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Anonymous said...

It was a lot of fun seeing all of you this last weekend! Have a great week settling in after all of the excitement. Take care,

David Gillis

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