Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tweets of the Week

I've decided to have a little fun on Twitter and Facebook this week. Favorites based on friend reactions are:

Dillon Burroughs...

is trying to fix the flux capacitor.

is wondering why his daughter's diaper holds nowhere near the 22-37 pounds it promises.

has broken his record for consecutive days alive.

no one knows I'm really a Jedi.

IS CELEBRATING NATIONAL CAPS LOCK AWARENESS DAY! (I was later informed this really IS a holiday!)

is working on the hyperdrive.

I'm considering writing an Amish vampire novel about the end times. Definite bestseller. Just need a title.

always show up on time for meetings. That way the other person will feel bad and buy you coffee.

Retweet as you please.

If you haven't joined me on Facebook or Twitter, here's how:

Enjoying the journey together!


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