Monday, August 18, 2008

Harry Potter film moved to Summer 2009

Even though Entertainment Weekly featured a cover story of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as coming to theaters November 21, it has been noted that the film has now been moved to next June, 2009. Interestingly, Stephanie Meyer's film adaptation of Twilight has been moved into the same November 21 release date.

In other news...
Last night, my coauthor Marla and I enjoyed a great radio interview on M88, Albuquerque's hit Christian radio station regarding Generation Hex. You can hear the hour-long podcast starting later today, including some amazing questions from callers about their experiences concerning Wicca and witchcraft, at

Also, Generation Hex was featured on the Debbie Chavez Show last week in addition to the shows from my previous post.


Kristen S. said...

I enjoyed today's segment on WGRC, in Pennsylvania, regarding the book "Generation Hex."

While I agree with the authors on the dangers of Wicca, I must disagree on the inclusion of the "Twilight" series. As a mother of 6, five of whom are currently teens, I decided to read the "Twilight" series that was being discussed by my children and their friends. The series deals extensively with fantasy, vampires, and even werewolves. However, there is no mention of Wicca, the "craft", or witchcraft. Yes, there are "good vampires" (called vegetarians, due to the lack of humans in their diet) and "bad vampires" (who have a typical 'humanivorous' diet), but these books are actually very strong, morally. There is even an in-depth discussion of life after death, answering to God, and the presence of a soul.

Stephanie Myers is a Mormon and I do not agree with her on MANY issues. However, I greatly appreciate the strong abstinence message sent by her books, as well as the absence of foul language. I do not contend in any way that these books are Christian, however they are not Wiccan, as their inclusion in today's discussion implied.

mark said...

How come I only hear about these interviews after they're over.. :)
hopefully I can catch the next one.

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