Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Calling All Wiccans

In October, I was asked to share a few interviews for print, online, and radio publications related to my 2008 work on "Generation Hex," a book on Wicca from a Christian perspective. To date, my coauthor and I have conducted nearly 100 interviews on the topic, interviewed numerous current and former Wiccans, and helped foster greater understanding and awareness of Wicca among Evangelical Christians.

Some have begun to ask whether I would be interested in a book or conference to publicly discuss Christian-Wiccan issues with leading Wiccans. Why? In some of my radio interviews, Wiccans would call in with a comment or question that often turned into a fascinating spiritual discussion. I did not expect this. So my answer, after much prayer and consideration, is a definite yes.

So here's my request: If you are a Wiccan or are friends with Wiccan leaders or adherents who would be interested in such a discussion, please send them my way at dillon AT dillonburroughs DOT org. The door is open. Let's talk.

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