Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Few Quotes for the Day

Here are some of my personal quotes I've rediscovered recently:

"True Christianity is more caught than taught."

"Gluttony is the most neglected sin in the American Church. If our bodies are the temple of God, then American Christians are the megachurch."

"Parenting is a full-time job with no paid vacations or holidays...or pay at all. But it's still the greatest job in the world."

"Every war is ultimately a civil war for we are all brothers and sisters, one to another." (This one is not original to me, but still a great one.)

"Prolife means I care about babies in the womb as much as babies out of the womb." (In defining what I mean by being prolife.)

"Church wasn’t designed by an architect (Technically, Jesus was a carpenter.). So why do we think of churches as buildings instead of groups of people who love Jesus?"

These are each short enough for your Facebook status or Twitter, so have fun.

If you have a good one to share, please do. It might just end up on my next blog.

DILLON BURROUGHS is writer on issues of faith and culture. He is also an activist for Compassion International. He lives in with his wife and three children in Tennessee.


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