Friday, June 5, 2009

Headed to Haiti

Next Monday, I'm headed out for a quick trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I'll be working with an organization called Mission of Hope Haiti that serves via a church, school, orphanage, medical services, food/water assistance, and much more.

Why Haiti? In the US, over 85 percent of high school students graduate. In Haiti, the average is one percent. ONE! How can a nation experience positive change it lacks food, water, and education?

Of course, as a follower of Christ, I note that these services are provided by people who love Jesus and want to share his love with others in the process. The letter from James tells us that true religion is to help orphans and widows in need in addition to keeping ourselves pure (1:27).

From the beginning, the church has included a mision to the poor along with its message of hope in the resurrected Jesus (see Acts 11:29-30, Galatians 2:10). That's my goal.

So as you think of me or read this over the next week, pray for my travels and that Christ's love would be evident to those I encounter along the journey.


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