Monday, June 29, 2009

5 Quick Online Bible Study Tools

Many people desire to study the Bible more deeply, but often lack the appropriate tools. Here are five quick online resources to help along the way:

1. Search the Bible in any major version and several languages. Who needs a concordance?

2. Many of my professors from Dallas Theological Seminary are involved in this fresh Bible translation and 40,000+ pages of Bible study content. This is the first place I go to search many Bible topics.

3. Like to Tweet? This nifty little service shortens URL's automatically. It's an easy method to send Bible verses to friends via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

4. Lots of free public domain Bible study tools for free.

5. All the church history you can read and more! Read the Puritans, early church fathers, and many Reformation works with searchable contents.

Have another online Bible study resource you'd recommend? Send it my way. I'm always looking for more.


Anonymous said...

How about the brand new Online Bible from Logos Bible Software at:


This is a great one too, but ít has already been on my blog for some time, so I didn't mention it in this list. I certainly recommend it.

Jarod Olds said...

I like the - very cool, DB

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