Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Survey Reveals Americans’ Feelings about Wicca

This week, my friends at the Barna Group released the finding of the largest study to date on Americans' feelings about Wicca, America's most popular form of witchcraft. Here's a short quote:

As Americans make lifestyle transitions needed to restore the nation to stability, the nation’s adults are demonstrating their willingness to accept religious perspectives and groups that conflict with some of their core beliefs and lifestyle practices. A new national survey conducted by The Barna Group shows that while many adults are not familiar with Wicca, nearly half of the adult population has reserved having an opinion on that religious group even though its best-known practices directly contradict the religious faith that they personally embrace.

This study hits so much of what my coauthored book Generation Hex discusses from both research and personal encounters with those involved in Wicca.

If you're one of the 55% of Americans who have never heard of Wicca or are among the many others who know little about it, check out Generation Hex. It's a short read that will challenge your faith in a whole new way.

Click for the full Barna update.

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Anonymous said...

i'm very sad...because my sister is in wicca. i cannot speak how much i NEED GOD to heal my life, my heart, and show every day how much I love Him. He is my God, mighty God, he will never leave me. my feelings about wicca are too deep for words. it cannot give any person life...there is no light there, only shame and guilt, and the horrible ugliness and pain of hearing the Holy Spirit but not listening to Him, instead thinking you can do this life how you want to, though it may seem good and right, it is not the right way because God's salvation is the only way... the Holy Spirit is speaking to this generation...because He is the one that breaks the hearts of man and binds up the wounded. He will break us because of the depth of His mercy. my heart is burdened for the American people because of the small picture of great spiritual need He has shown me out of the pain my family is in, as God must see the big picture...I must not be the only one in America in these times that is truly crying out with His Spirit for His mercy and healing love, which is the only right way for a person who knows God to feel about wicca.

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