Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogging in 35 Languages

How would you like to write in 35 languages?

I love to write, but realize English is only one of the many languages people use to communicate in our world. As a result, I've studied other languages over the years, including Spanish, Creole, and German, always wishing I could do more.

Yesterday I added a little gadget to my blog from Google that now allows readers to view my blog in 35 languages. I checked out the Spanish version and was quite impressed. My best effort to date had been translating a basic Myspace page that I rarely update (Facebook provides its own multi-lingual interface.) .

But that's now all.

Check out this link at Google and you can drag a button for your browser to instantly translate any website into your preferred language. It even works on PDF files and on YouTube (Though buttons, emails, and other graphics often do not translate.).

Try it out.

Then tell someone you are multi-lingual. You can truly write to over 90 percent of the people in the world.

And that you discovered it from your friend Dillon who writes this neat blog they need to read.


DILLON BURROUGHS is a writer on issues of spirituality.
He also serves as an activist for World Vision.
Dillon lives with his wife, Debbie, and three children in Tennessee.

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